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How to Live in Alignment with Nature: Diet and Fitness, with Dr. Betty Smith

January 24, 2021 @ 4:00 pm 5:30 pm

Learn about the incredible journey of an all organic—whole—plant-based—non-vegan-junk food—vegan, Dr. Betty Smith, who went from overweight coach potato to highly fit ultra-marathon runner over the past 50 years!

As a vegan and an athlete for decades, her overall health proves the benefits of strict vegan diets and highly fit lifestyles—the bottom line is that you do not need meat and junk foods to stay healthy and fit. Her top rankings in the national ultra-running community continues even as she ages. Know that being a vegan is a major part of her high level of fitness. (Meat or vegan junk foods drag a body down rather than building a body up!). At ages 76 and 78, she set and later broke official USA-TF ultra-marathon national age group records for the 48 hour and 6-day ultra-marathon races. She is in the USA-Track and Field permanent record books.

Currently, at almost 80 years old (!), she continues her national-ranking by the ultra-running community (91.46% age group ranked and 49.06% overall ranked), This strict plant eater has been a top-ranked ultra-marathon runner since she began running ultra-marathons in 2007. She took to running ultras after she completed 85 marathons, throughout the USA, and on all 7 Continents (a marathon on 6 including Antarctica) and a half marathon on the Great Wall of China. Now she trains for and uses marathons to train for ultras!

She has competed 30 ultras run in: Boston, San Francisco, Rhode Island, Vermont, Florida, Maryland, Virginia, Arizona and Pennsylvania. She is founder and coach of the “Abandon Your Limits” land and deep-water running programs.
She began her lifestyle change program 50 years ago back when she was an inactive, overweight, emotional, meat-eating, junk food-loving, 200 pound, couch-sitting, smoker.

Fifty years later at 79 years old she:

continues to run 60 miles per week and is currently running virtual races due to the pandemic and will continue to do so until pandemic is controlled. She recently used a fitness age calculator developed by Norwegian University of Science and Technology.

Results for Dr. Betty: Age 79.6 (Expected fitness level for my age is 26VO2.) My fitness age is 45 VO2 and have the fitness level of an average 30 -year-old.

The calculator is available (free) at:

Dr. Betty’s book is available at https://www.amazon.com/Lifestyle-Nature-Unhealthy-Forever-Healthy/dp/1546216219/ref=tmm_pap_swatch_0?_encoding=UTF8&qid=1605316981&sr=8-8

Link will be sent out just prior to the event, along with a step-by-step at home guide that Dr. Betty is creating just for our group!


January 24
4:00 pm – 5:30 pm
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