My goal, when I contacted Sharon, was to increase my energy level. Since hitting my middle 50’s I had been feeling sluggish, spending way too much time on the couch. In addition I was making poor food choices because I had cravings for sweets and fat. I did not want to lose weight, just feel better. Just four weeks later my cravings were gone and I had lots more energy. I was doing so many projects around the house I was worried about running out. I had kicked my sweet and fat habit with almost no effort at all. Sharon’s emphasis on nutrient rich foods that met my bodies nutritional demands was all I needed. She provided education, inspiration, enthusiasm and lots of great ideas customized to the way I live my life. Her follow up emails were chock full of links and recipes that maintained the early momentum. Seven months later my new life style is not only a habit, but full of great tasting, interesting foods I had never imagined.

Steve, October 2012
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