Vendor Discount Codes

Here is a list of discount codes for some of my favorite product vendors. Enjoy!

  • NutraMilk: Use this link to order and receive a 50% discount plus free shipping.
  • MamaSezz: Use this link to order and receive a free Lentil Quinoa Dahl entrĂ©e.
  • California Balsamic: Mention Eat Well, Stay Well in the “PROMOTIONS / Leave us a message” box upon checkout to receive two free 1.6oz sample bottles with vinegar flavors of your choice. Also, if your order is over $50 before shipping, you can ask for one sample bottle to be upgraded to a 3oz travel size! I love California Balsamic vinegars, especially the Gilroy Garlic flavor!
  • Holland Bowl Mill: Cory at Holland Bowl Mill has generously created a custom package for us, available for order only by phone: a 15-inch “imperfect” beech wood bowl (“imperfect” just means the wood has some unique markings, but it’s still beautiful!) and free personalized engraving on the bottom of the bowl as well as a free Mezzaluna knife… all for just $100 with free shipping! To take advantage of this special order, please call Holland Bowl Mill at 616-396-6513 and mention Eat Well, Stay Well. Again, this offer is only available by phone. To order other products from the site, use this link.
  • FreshPaper: FreshPaper sheets are infused with powerful organic botanicals that keep fruits & veggies fresh for up to 2-4x longer. If you want to order some for yourself, you can use code EATWELL25 for 25% off of your entire purchase!
  • WellBean: WellBean bars are made entirely of beans, nuts, and fruits, without any refined sugars, extracted proteins, salt or oil. They are absolutely delicious and a great snack for travel, treat for kids, or option for dessert. Use code EWSW for 15% off your order!